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Showing all 20 results

Cannabis Vape Cartridge

Cannabis vapes are incredible due to their ease of handling, their portability, and their functionality. Leafville’s selections of vape cartridges have been hand picked for the highest quality and safety. You may have heard of vape cartridges being referred to as vape carts or pre-loaded cannabis oil vape cartridges. As of late, vapes have quickly become the go-to concentrate based product for cannabis beginners and enthusiasts alike. 

The vape carts seen in the Leafville shop are a glass cartridge pre-filled with a gram or half a gram of cannabis oil. Cannabis vape oil includes several compounds of cannabinoids and terpenes obtained from cannabis.

Most oil vape carts are rich in THC, though, more and more CBD dominant vape cartridges are becoming commonplace. Vape cartridges appear in several modes: 510-threaded cartridges, as well as disposable vape pens.

If you’re looking to experience a special or high that’s outside of this world, we recommend products such as our Astro Quads Vape Cartridges.

Like the title implies, vape cartridges are produced using only true quad (AAAA) strains with terpenes combined to reproduce the flavor of each strain. This Cartridge is loaded with 1g flavored or unflavoured oil. 

Do Vape Pens Get You High

Vape cartridges run in combination with weed vape pen batteries. The vape battery sends power to an atomizer in the cartridge that warms up the oil, vaporizing the numerous chemical ingredients in it. Some of the vape batteries have various functions that permit heat customization and dose control. 

Diamond Concentrate’s line of rechargeable disposable vape pens supports a higher standard by stringently examining each method in their product from seed to sale. All of our vape carts use a premium purging process to remove any impurities which occur in a pure concentrate with high terpene forms.

Above is our full collection of Vape starter kits, Weed vape pen starter kits, vape cartridges, and many more. Shop online Vape in Canada today at Leafville!


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