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Showing all 66 results

Buy Cannabis Concentrates Online

Leafville is a great place for you to buy Concentrates online in Canada. We have one of the widest selections for weed concentrates. Before you buy THC concentrates online, here’s a little bit of extra information about Cannabis Concentrates at Leafville. 

Our weed concentrates selection includes a number of premium Canadian weed concentrate brands such as Astro Quads, Golden Monkey Extracts, Green Supreme, High Volate Extracts, House Shatter, Live Resin, Mercedes Black Hash, Royality Rosin, Sea Warp Kief, Sugar Wax, The Caviar Collection Moonrock, and The Caviar Collection Sunrock.

One of the biggest concerns with cannabis concentrates is safety. We use several safety systems to bring you a wide choice of concentrates safe for consumption. Our cannabis specialists ensure that each of our products is of the best quality at Leafville.

At Leafville, you can buy cannabis concentrates online using Interac Etransfer for convienence.

Our Wide Selection to Buy Weed Concentrates Online

Shatter is an extract, a type of cannabis concentrate produced using a mixture of weed plant materials and solutions. Shatters can be applied using dab-enabled bongs or e-nail dab rigs that are proficient in high temperatures.

Live resin uses fresh, frozen flowers that are used from the market before they have the chance to heal and dry. Most other forms of cannabis concentrate such as shatter and wax are made from cannabis flowers that have gone through the normal drying and curing method.

Full-spectrum extracts are cannabis concentrates that maintain their full cannabinoid and terpene profile without undesirable by-products from the raw plant.

 High Voltage Extracts is an Indica dominant strain that was created from the cross of papaya and purple punch.

Sugar wax is a marijuana concentrate with a complete flavor and a somewhat grainy surface. It’s a little less messy than some of the other types of concentrates as it’s a bit thicker and not quite as sticky. 

 This stunning Sunrock consists of caked up Black Widow flower, with golden distillate testing in at 94% drizzled over top, and finally coated with a thin coat of Peanut Butter Breath Kief.

How to Buy Weed Concentrates Online

To get started ordering weed concentrates in Canada, simply checkout this page and select products that pique your interest. Next, add them to your cart and follow the simple checkout instructions.


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